We believe in the Montessori philosophy as a whole, beyond a prepared environment with materials. La Trebola is a school where in every corner there is an opportunity for learning.

La Trebola is a place where children can live their own lives freely according to their own laws of development, within the limits dictated by the common good. Here the children learn to relate to each other in a positive way thanks to the accompaniment we provide. Accompanied by the guide, they can search for solutions without the adult giving an easy answer, thus allowing them to be responsible for their actions, their words and ultimately responsible for their lives.

At La Trébola we are akin to the scientific pedagogy of Maria Montessori, this being an inspiration and not an end. It is a space with essence where even the smallest detail is taken care of. A place where children’s laughter is the first thing you hear. Where their natural imprints are accompanied, supported and not suppressed.

A place where children are happy to learn, where their rhythms are respected, where families are welcomed, listened to and taken into account.

We believe in a holistic concept of both the person and learning. Our evaluation system a process in itself. Montessori pedagogy evaluates without exams. Students do not get a numerical grade that indicates what they have learned in each area. The evaluation is qualitative, more human, and it takes into account each person individually.

We foster an atmosphere of non-judgment that safeguards the integrity and dignity of the children and their self-esteem, essential to face any learning process. As children grow, they self-regulate their work and are the ones who guide their own process.

La Trébola provides families with all the information related to their children’s life at school: Observations, records of presentations and evaluations. Every Tuesday we are available for follow-up tutoring of the children.