According to our principle of Ecology, for this course 2019-2020 we have several lines of action:

La Trébola Consumer Group

In partnership with the Sub-Bética cooperative, we want to promote responsible and better quality consumption, buying directly from local farmers, without using plastic and also creating a meeting point for everyone on the day of collection, in La Trébola.

We believe that the way we consume has a great environmental and economic impact on our planet and our lives and that a great example for our children is to be responsible consumers, supporting and buying directly from the farmer and small trader.

This group is open to everyone. If you are interested in joining or in more information about products and others, you can send an email to

Organic vegetable garden

Together with the Naturalizarte Association, we are creating organic vegetable gardens at the school. The garden and gardening activities will be carried out by the students, who will participate in the whole process, from planting a tomato to tasting it at lunchtime.

Recycling and awareness

We will have waste separation containers in all areas of the school to facilitate recycling. We reduce plastic consumption by purchasing products and materials in bulk and in large quantities. We conduct activities in which students work with awareness of the environmental footprint of our actions.


Nutrition and how we feed ourselves is as important for children’s future as any other pedagogical area. At La Trébola we have our own kitchen where the menu is prepared daily with fresh seasonal and local products, with special attention to ensure that the ingredients are free of additives, in addition to incorporating organic products.